Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Nixon's 2nd birthday: A Circus Party

It's so cliche but I can hardly believe my little baby Nix is two!  Nixon loves elephants, bears, zebras and most days our home feels like a circus so it seemed like the perfect theme for his 2nd birthday.

Here are the invitations I designed:

This has probably been my favorite party to plan thus far.  It had more of a carnival feel to it but it was still soo fun!  

 For the marquee letters I used the cardboard letters that Michael's sells.  I cut off the front of the letters, spray painted them and drilled holes for the lights to plug in.  This was very time consuming but it looked awesome!!
 I designed little tags for the animal crackers and put coordinating stickers on the cotton candy holders.
 There were a few games for the kids to play.  Once they won they got a ticket and could turn it in for a prize.
There was also face painting.  This was a huge hit!

 And what's a party without a jumpy castle!


Kash's 4th Birthday: Bowling Time!

Anytime I tell Kash I have a surprise for him he says, "Are we going bowling?!?!"  Almost always I tell him no.  But can you tell him no on his birthday? Of course not.  So we gathered up his friends and cousins and had a bowling birthday party.

Here's the invitation I designed for the party:

The cake.  I'm NOT good at decorating cakes, but for some reason I keep trying every year haha.
This was a very easy party to plan.  We ordered custom bowling shirts with the kids' names on them, brought the cake and then just let them have fun!

Nixon's 1st Birthday

The minute Nixon was born the nurses were calling him a little man.  His scrunched up face and sideburns, I suppose, resembled an older man vs. a newborn ha.  So it felt like the perfect theme for his 1st birthday. 

These are the invitation I designed:
front of invitation

back of invitation
Since 1st birthday parties are all about showcasing pictures from the first year of your cute little baby's life, I took advantage of inexpensive engineer prints and used my son's pictures for most of the decorations. Engineer prints are a great way to make a huge impact in decorations for very little money.

As always I made or designed everything for this party.  If there's something that you see on here that you would like to use for your own party please email me at eggs.turnbow@gmail.com

Nixon had the best time a one year old can have at a party haha.  He loved ripping into his presents and trying cake for the first time!  We are so blessed to have this baby in our lives.  I remember when we decided to have a second baby both Blaine and I were scared out of our minds!!  And Nix has not been an easy baby.  But he's always the sweetest and snuggliest baby, and I know without a doubt he was meant to be in our family!

Here are some of the pictures from his 1 year old photoshoot.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

tis the season...

to order your Christmas cards from The Paper Egg! The shop is somewhat stocked so go take a look. 

I've been designing birth announcements, Christmas cards, birthday invitations and more for years and I'm trying to add those all to the shop.  It's a slower process than I thought so check back weekly to see all the new items!  https://www.etsy.com/shop/eggsturnbow

Thursday, November 7, 2013

true friendship knows no age

Elliot, Kash's best friend, has been sick and out of town the past few weeks so we haven't seen much of him.  In the times that Elliot is gone I think to myself, "We can do this!  Kash will be O.K. when Elliot eventually moves away." (Elliot's dad is in his last year of his residency so it's almost inevitable that they will be moving once he's done).

Then the two are reunited again and I forget how much Kash truly loves Elliot.  It's actually amazing how much he values Elliot's opinions, how excited and giddy he is when Elliot is around and how much no one else in the world matters except Elliot.  I've never seen him play with another kids like he does Elliot. It's almost as if you can actually see Kash's face beam a little brighter when his favorite friend is in the room.  I know it seems dramatic but after I saw these two reunited today I couldn't deny that their little toddler friendship was real and true!

Sometimes I think these two little blonde Mormon boys are friends by default.  Since they were about 18 months old they've seen each other at least three times a week (or more some weeks) because of church, preschool, playgroup and date night.  I used to think that they were just friends by circumstance, but today I was reminded that they are truly the best of friends.  They have similar styles of play, humor and learning.

That's not to say that they never fight or disagree, but all real friendship has to be tested right? ;)  Kash does have a hard time realizing that while Elliot is his best friend he can still be friends with other kids too, or at least be nice to them.  And if you start something with Elliot you best believe you will be answering to Kash (not because Elliot gets his bodyguard...it's because Kash loves Elliot so much he feels the need to fight his battles.)  Things that we are definitely working on, but it is secretly cute that Kash loves his friend so much.

Their friendship reminds me of the many best friends I've had in the various places I've lived.  That friend that just fits with everything that you are.  The friend who you can be your true self around.  They love all the things you love and make you laugh until you cry when everyone else thinks you two are dorks.  The friend who is selfless and puts your needs in front of their own.  While it was hard moving around so much as a kid I feel beyond lucky to have found a special "best friend" in each place I've lived.  Some I've kept in better contact than others but for the most part I'm lucky to have real friendships that have lasted the test of time and many, many miles.  Friendships that no matter how much time has passed since we were together last it's as if middle school, high school or college was just yesterday and we're able to pick up right where we left off.

I'm glad that Kash has found this at such an early age.  It makes me happy to know that he's capable of such a friendship and of such a deep love for another person.

So, will we be O.K. when the day finally comes for Elliot to move?  Yeah, we'll be alright (after months of therapy I'm sure haha)...but it sure will be heartbreaking to see my little boy say goodbye to his first best friend!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nixon 10 months


You sure are changing and growing fast every day.  You are perfecting your bear crawl and getting really good at walking around the furniture. I think you'll be walking before we know it!

You still adore your brother, whatever he's doing you are right behind him.  You get so excited to see him in the morning.  And if he's laying on the floor you will crawl over to give him "pats".  He interprets your love pats as hitting and that results in a big ordeal...but none the less I see the love you have for your big brother and I think it's sweet!

You still feel the need to also be my sidekick and have major stranger anxiety, even with family members that you see often.  I'm hoping SOON you grow out of this.  You are such a sweet and funny baby but it seems I'm the only one that gets to see that side of you.

You still aren't sleeping through the night and that is a little hard on me, not gonna lie.  You are really good at going down for bed, maybe one of the easiest babies I've ever put to bed, but you still wake up every 3-4 hrs at night. You aren't the best eater, so maybe you do still need the calories at night.  You are a pretty picky eater and if I serve you something you don't like (which is most of the time) you are quick to make a huge mess by throwing everything off of your tray.

But you are still the sweetest little baby.  Full of hugs, pats and kisses.  I'm cherishing these sweet moments of yours, I know one day you'll make me drop you off 5 blocks away from the mall so you won't have to be seen with me.

Love ya, Nixy.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Great Flood of 2013

Shirts with that title coming to you soon.

Last month Colorado received a lot of rain in a short amount of time (I think I read somewhere it was like 15 inches of rain in 2 days?  But don't quote me on that).  Blaine called from work and asked me to check our basement just in case water was getting in.  I kind of rolled my eyes and slowly walked downstairs.  To my surprise water was covering the entire basement floor, it was up to my ankles and toys were just floating around.  Naturally, like I do, I started to freak out.  Luckily the kids were napping or at preschool so I was able to act as fast as I could.  I grabbed our computer first and then worked hard to get the couch off of the ground and then try and figure out where the water was coming from.

You always here of people's basements flooding...I just never thought it would happen to us.  The past few years Colorado has made the news for droughts and fires, not excessive rain!!! I really was in shock.

Blaine came home right away and we started to clear out the basement.  Blaine's dad (who really helped us SOOOO much, I don't know what we would have done without him!!), neighbors, friends and more family came to help us extract water, provide shop vacs, and extract more water when it flooded two days later.  Treats and dinners were provided and I can't believe how many people from our church stopped by to help without even asking.

Compared to those across the state we were extremely lucky and blessed.  Our lives were inconvenienced greatly and at the time it was a very big deal for our family, but we were lucky.  We did have a few things get ruined, and our computer was pretty damaged but with a lot of money we were able to save our hard drive.  If it rains I still have a hard time sleeping and often have nightmares that our entire house has flooded.  So it was stressful, but like I said it could have been a lot worse!

Here's a video of the second time our basement flooded.  It had only been raining for literally 5 minutes and the water accumulated that quickly on the ground.  This time was pretty scary because it was really windy, hailing and the tornado sirens were going off.

There are a lot more details of this ordeal but what I want to remember and document is that this trial was a blessing.  It was such a testament of my faith on how my personal prayers were directly answered in this situation.  Heavenly Father was definitely watching over us, protecting us and helping us to find ways to fix our house.


Aside from the mess the flood created it also put a little halt on my blogging.  I mean I've been pretty inconsistent for awhile now but being without my computer for so many weeks meant a lot of catching up on work once we got it back. Anyway, all is well.  I'm sitting in a dry and restored basement now typing away like nothing happened.  I'll be catching up on all of Nixon's monthly posts, his birthday and everything since then.  I know...you can't wait! ;)