Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So I realized my "Lent Challenge" is already turning out to be a lot hard than I thought (it hasn't even been 24 hrs.)!!! I realized that the morning show I listen to on my way to work updates me constantly on celebrity gossip, which resulted in me frantically changing the station to end up with mostly commercials this morning!! HELP! Last night I was at the grocery store it was all I could do not to look at the magazines! Then today I have been very busy/tiny bit stressed and realized that in these times I turn to the messed up lives of hollywood stars to ease my pain. I don't know how I'm going to make it to March! YIKES!

And Jason...I read your comment, don't even think that I'm including reality TV (aka American Idol) as part of my giving up celebrities. They are only celebs if they win haha! But thanks for the support anyway!


The Frandsens said...

No Prob!! We're here for you! Joy really hasn't been able to give up the dance wars! Poor Bruno... at least they won last night (America just felt bad for the Italian guy). Karri-ann's group is way better.

This is all Joy talked about last night.

So how are Lindsay, Paris, Britney, etc., doing, anyway? Keep us updated!!!

Blaine & Erica said...

Oh good for Joy! We all need our guilty pleasures. And I don't know how the "Girls" are doing because I've banned myself from them. Are you trying to tempt me Jason?!?! :)

The Frandsens said...

just testing you.... we'll let you know if anything really exciting goes on with them!! just kidding!

blaine said...

Ha ha oh boy. I'm loving this giving up on the celebs deal. I really can't understand why anyone cares about all those arrogant narcissists anyway. It's all the same news over and over: so and so is in rehab now, so and so is pregnant again (and of course she's not married), so and so wore such and such to some stupid event that was organized by other celebrities as a way to draw more attention to themselves. I guess we could pay attention to them for excellent examples of how NOT to live our lives.