Saturday, February 16, 2008

utah state aggies all the way...


Karen (Blaine's sister) found out she got in to Utah State this week! Congrats Karen!!! I'm so excited for her and a little jealous that she gets to go start the new chapter of her life in Logan. At least once a week I talk to either Juli or Sayward and we talk about how much we miss college!

Logan is where I like to say I grew up. Here are the "lessons/thoughts/firsts" that I experienced while at USU:
  • It's true what they really do make the best friends of you life in college
  • You can survive a holiday without your family as long as you surround yourself with good friends
  • My friends became my family
  • First time I stayed up till 2 in the morning at the backdoor neighbors house and still made it to my 9:00am class {somehow}
  • I then learned the consequence of staying up till 2:00 and learned how to sign up for the same class the next semester
  • Paying my own bills sucks
  • It's good to make at least one friend that has a car your freshman year {thanks scratchy!}.
  • I felt loss
  • I found true love
  • I stopped worrying what other people thought of me...enough to be myself
  • I learned to step out of my comfort zone and make friends with anyone that would talk to me
  • I learned that laughing with my friends till the sun came up was often more fun than the parties we would go to
  • It really is important to go to class and hanging out in the hub was never worth missing class (well maybe once or twice it was ha)
  • I found once I applied myself I could actually do it
  • Trial and error was a big lesson for me
  • I learned that fighting over boys, petty things, who drank my milk? is never worth the friendship that is lost
  • Stubbornness gets you no where
  • Autumn in Logan is amazing
  • I found what my religion meant to me
  • Betos is ALWAYS worth the stomach ache haha
  • Wingmen are important {I still owe ya pooge}
  • The Howl is always over rated but you have to go
  • I learned what color True Blue was

There are many more memories and lessons I learned at school. I miss Utah State so much! I loved being an Aggie. I miss Logan too...I didn't really think I would miss that small town but I do. I know that it was time for Blaine and I to move on but it still hurts my heart to think about all the fun times I had at school. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go out of state for college and state a new life. I think if I would have stayed in IL with my high school friends I wouldn't have grown as much as I did. Karen, I'm so excited for you and I hope you find that Logan has become your new home as I once did. The first semester was a culture shock and a real challenge but once I opened my mind Logan/USU won my heart!



The Frandsens said...

Yup! Logan is so cool . . . because it's in Utah! hehe (Jason)

Blaine & Erica said...

it's true J-dawg! utah rules!

Cabe said...

I'm glad you have a blog. Here is ours so we can be blogging buddies!


Madsens said...

YEA!! Nikki will be so PUMPED to see your blog...she is a little slow in the technology world :) I don't think she will support your "lent" decision though - ha ha!

I am so glad to be back in touch! Yes, I am still holding down the CON for everyone :) and i LOVE logan like no one else!!

Chana & Fred said...

I completely and totally whole heartedly agree.
I miss being a student and having pretty much zero responsibility besides homework.
Oh and I love love love your new backdrop!

Madsens said...

Hey erica -

How did you do that picture thing at the top of your page?? Apparently I am not as BLOG savey as I thought! I love it!

Studly and Smart (& really good-looking too) said...

I hear ya! I love Logan and Utah State and although I knew it was time to leave, I miss it dearly. There is nothing like it anywhere out here...Also, I LOVE that you proclaimed your affinity for Betos. That alone is the reason why you are awesome!

Blaine & Erica said...

well Marques there are many reasons why I'm awesome...haha