Saturday, February 9, 2008

Who's Your Hero???

Like there's not enough things on the internet that I contribute, but I've decided to add one more to the list and create a blog. I can't promise it will be anything worth reading but it might turn out to be fun...and now older family members that can't "handle" myspace or facebook have a way of checking in with us ha. I've titled this blog Blaine & Erica, but you can pretty much guarantee that I will do all of the posting.

So about a few weeks ago Blaine & I were in Best Buy. We were just browsing (seeing as how we don't have many friends this was an exciting outing for us) and we came across Guitar Hero III. There were these little 8 and 9 year olds rocking out on this game like it was nobody's business...and maybe it wasn't. It looked pretty fun, we had played the game a few years ago at a friends house but I didn't really remember it looking so fun. So we waited in line with kids much, much younger than us for our turn to play. Once I got that plastic guitar in my hand I couldn't stop smiling...I was instantly addicted! I wasn't good or anything it was just so fun. Blaine and I looked into buying one but they were sold out. So for the new few weeks we would go to Best Buy looking to see if they had any available and would just end up playing the demo. Well last week while at work (I'm a very productive employee) I called around to see if they had any new shipments, low and behold they did!!! I had them hold one for me and drove right after work to pick it up. Good thing I called because there weren't any left on the shelves by the time I got there, I'm tellin ya this is a hot item. I was so excited to bring the game home to surprise Blaine when he called me and was like, "THEY HAVE GUITAR HERO IN STOCK" eghhhhhh I had to tell him I was already there. My disappointment of not surprising him quickly faded as we opened the boxes to our new guitars like we were little kids on Christmas morning. Now here's the sad part of the story...even though I wasn't good in the store I was having fun, but when I was playing at home and Blaine was beating my butt it wasn't fun anymore. I started to have buyer's remorse and hated Guitar Hero III. Then Blaine told me to buck up and that I would have to keep practicing to get good. That was just the pep talk I need...ever since then I've been obsessed with the game. I can now say that I'm on the medium level and we try and play at least once a day. For now Blaine is the Guitar Hero in our house, but not for long...


Tammy said...

OK 1 box oyster crackers
1 package FRESH BABY dill (minced)
1 package dry ranch dressing mix.
1/ 4cup oil preferably (unused)
mix all and add to crackers and coat well place on cookie sheet and bake at 400 preheated oven till just brown

watch carefully turns VERY FAST
And i hope you enjoy it with ALL MY LOVE

The Frandsens said...

HURRAY!! I'm so excited that you have a blog!! How did you get the really cute background? I can't wait till we can come and play guitar hero with you guys! LOVE YOU!!!

Chana & Fred said...

I'm so glad you're a blogger now!!
It's about time!
Where did you get your background?
How are you already good at this!