Monday, March 10, 2008

...and the party

As you know from the previous post Karen had a birthday last week. For her celebration we went over to her house and she cooked us dinner. Now if it were me you better believe I wouldn't be cooking dinner, but I guess Karen is a little nicer than I am! She made us lasagna and boy was it good (actually I wish I had some right now)! Then we just sat around and laughed...because that's what we do at the Turnbow Karen opened some awesome presents. We made her this pretty {cute} magnet board if I do say so myself ;) And I can say we because anyone I could find helped me on this one. From Tyler and Rachel's tools and suggestions to Wayne and Marilyn's tools/cutting skills to Blaine's strong hammering skills. This was quite the craft for me--I was in way over my head with this one. But now that it's all done I have a few ideas on how to make it a little easier next time ha.

Rachel and Tyler made a cool gift for little miss karen. I'm always impressed with their crafting skills as well. Tyler made a really cool sign for Rachel for christmas too...pretty good work guys. (the circle goes around the clock not Karen's face).
Then the best part...CAKE! And leave it to Marilyn, the hostess with the mostest, to make this adorable elephant cake. And for the first time while eating a Turnbow birthday cake I finally got money!!! The Turnbow's have this odd/great tradition of putting coins in their birthday cakes, leaving you in suspense each time you bite into the delicious cake. Well the past two or three birthdays that I have celebrated with them I've been ripped off and have not had one birthday coin found in my pieces of cake. Well tonight was the night I hit the jackpot! Look at my earnings!!!
Over all it was a fun night and I'm grateful to live so close to Blaine's family. I'm glad that I fit in so well (I think) and that we are able to have such a good time when we all get together. Hope you had a good birthday karen!


Karen said...

love it! thanks for everything you did, and for the way cool gift!! You guys always have the coolest gift. I love your blogs!

The Frandsens said...

Oh and the homesickness settles in...wish we were there! Miss you guys!

erica said...

aww sorry joy. if it makes you feel a tiny bit better we talk about you all the time and wish you were here with us. infact i'll even trade ya places!

The Frandsens said...

Thanks Erica! I sure hope that we can come see you all soon!