Tuesday, March 18, 2008

friends...how many of us have them

{if you have never heard that song you should take some time and download it}

I have been incredibly busy this past week. There's a lot I could post about. How we threw Rachel a baby shower and it was great. How Rach & Ty just bought a house. How I hate our living situation.

But really I don't want to talk about that stuff right now...I just miss my friends and that's what I want to write about. The title of my post is a song we love my sophmore year of college and our dance party with morgan, buzz, sayward and when lu came to visit. She was always good about visiting me in college.

I was looking at my old pictures of all my friends over the years. It's always been hard for me to say goodbye. I get so close to my friends and they become apart of me. Each friend has left an impression in my life that I will never forget, even those people I'm not even friends with anymore still mean a lot to me.

I'm listening to Jack Johnson right now. That takes me back to my high school days. Driving around Batavia with nothing to do. We thought we were the coolest group at BHS...ok so maybe we were :) That line in Mudfootball "We used to laugh a lot, but only because we thought that everything good always would remain. Nothing's gonna change there's no need to complain" explained our group perfectly--at least for a few years after graduation. We really thought that we were better than the inevitable falling out of friendship. It was just that though, inevitable. Many of us went to different schools and ironically I, the one most upset about saying goodbye, went to one of the farthest schools I could. My life as I knew it was over {come on I was still in high school I was pretty dramatic, ok I still am}.

Then I met the people I still call my best friends to this day. My college friends. The cliché is true, at least for me-you make the friends you will keep for the rest of your life in college. Some days I would give anything to go back to the dorms where we really didn't have any responsibility. All we cared about were each other and finding something to do on the weekends. Then as the years passed our friendships and bonds grew stronger than just hanging out together. We grew together as we went through life's trials. I miss Juli and Sayward so much. It could be because I don't have any friends here but I like to think it's because we are such good friends.

I'm just waiting till that next group of amazing people to come into my life. A part of me wants that so bad and a part of me doesn't want to let go of what I left behind and then a part of me thinks how I don't even have time for friends anymore. I don't think some people even understand how important friendships are to me.

To be honest, I do have a few friends at work...and while we have absolutely nothing in common, somehow we do have fun together. But they are as old as Shelley {not that anything is wrong with that mom} but it would be nice to find some people my own age.

Maybe one day...

Or maybe one day I will just be content with those I've known and those I still keep in contact with. Actually I am content with that, being married to my best friend makes me content with that. I guess I just miss my friends today! :(

all of them, from batavia to logan

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The Frandsens said...

I know how you feel. I never realized how important friends were till I didn't really have them anymore. Good thing for Jason or I would be in big trouble! There is just nothing like the good friends you make in college. Love you and MISS YOU!