Thursday, March 27, 2008

my achin' tooth!

After years of battle with a particular tooth, I guess you could say I finally one the war...or maybe the tooth did!!!. Yesterday I had a tooth extracted. This was the same tooth many of you may recall that a drill bit broke inside the root. This is also the tooth that has had infection, caused ear aches and eventually fell apart in my mouth. That tooth is now history. But before I said goodbye to this tooth…I was very scared. The dentist used big words like surgical extraction, bone graft and flipper! YIKES! Like most I fear the dentist and feel that I have good reason. Almost every visit has resulted in, “oh this is worse than I thought”...followed by hours of painful work.The dentist might as well have put his foot on my head...maybe it would have cut down on the times he had to say "it's almost out!"

Being such a baby about the dentist I would usually have my mom take me and actually have her sit in the room with me. One dentist told my mom to leave because she was only making me weak! WHATEVER! haha. So yesterday when I had to face the big bad dentist I was a little sad my mom wasn't there by my side. But Blaine came to the rescue. He was so sweet to me yesterday. He drove me to the dentist {which really wasn't necessary}, gave me lots of hugs and encouragement and then when I was all done and we went to the car there were tulips on my seat just waiting to cheer me up. And they did. Then Blaine continued to love me even though my face was a mess and I had bloody drool coming out of my mouth as we waited forever in Wal-Mart for my drugs. I just love Blaine. I love that I have someone there to take care of my in times of need {or weakness}.

Now I want you all to know that I do take full responsibility for all the work I have had to endure in mouth. I blame 80% on me not taking care of my teeth and 20% on genetics. Let me just tell you I will be obsessed with making sure my kids take good care of their teeth...and I'm sure their dad will be too! Hopefully I will still have teeth in my mouth to tell them such things. But I think you can still talk if you don’t have teeth right? :)


Krista & Eric said...

why hello! I totally agree with you about the dentist! i used to LOVE going until my fatal day last week i had the back of my tooth broke off...yikes that was painfull and to top it off i can't even take good drugs because i'm prego...oh well what can ya do!

ps prego life is going really good i'm getting more and more excited!!! i just can't wait!

emilyhutchison said...

Hey you are totally Deb. You know she has the worst teeth in the history of the world. One Christmas break I think she was on loratab 24/7 just to get through the day. In an effort to fight off cavities for her children she tried to force disgusting fluoride pills down with our delicious breakfast. Unbeknown to my sweet Deb I would always hid mine in my pockets and threw them in the street on the walk to school. I really paid for that decision later with 8 cavities in one dentist visit.

Marques said...

I remember that freaking tooth. Man, funny what you remember, huh? Well, I am glad that your tooth is now gone! :)