Friday, March 21, 2008

you don't know me!

so yes, i'm at work and no this has nothing to do with work. frankly i don't care. i still have a lot of pictures and things to post about but yet again i'm not up to it right now. so i thought i would just list five things {most} people don't know about me. the sad thing is usually you get tagged to do things like this, but i'm pathetic so i'm just doing it, okay! so here goes...

no. 1 i was seminary president. yes this may be a surprise to some of you, especially those turnbows, seeing as how i don't have one scripture memorized and i don't even know where half the books are in the bible or book of mormon. i guess i was just really good at making handouts haha.

no. 2 i eat quakers instant strawberry oatmeal for breakfast every weekday. i just love it. it's super easy and filling!

no. 3 i have met steve young. shook his hand. he's a lot shorter than i was expecting.

no. 4 i've decorated a toilet. in high school my friends loved finding old toilets on the side of the road and putting them on people's lawns. well for evan's birthday (the king of finding toilets) we found a toilet, wrote all over it with markers and topped it off with streamers. what a "crapy" birthday present.

no. 5 i've eaten ostrich before. when i was in middle school i did one of those cancer walks (or whatever they are to raise money) and at the end we got free lunch. turns out there was a reason it was free...maybe because it was ostrich burgers? i don't know. anyway they were actually pretty good.

P freaking S! I just found out joy and jason surprised the fam and are here for easter. i can't even believe it best easter ever.


kcjaques said...

You seminary president?! That's a good one. Best laugh I have had for awhile. Just kidding I bet you were a good s.p.

Madsens said...

i loved reading new things about you :) You are so funny -

Madsens said...

ps - i am still laughing about the toilet deal...i am pretty sure i am going to have to use that one day!

erica said...

haha yeah if you can imagine it the erica in high school was crazier than the erica you know now! :)

emilyhutchison said...

Oh man those burgers wre gross and too expensve even at free.