Sunday, April 20, 2008

happy early birthday blaine

Blaine's birthday isn't until May 3rd {mark your calendars} but he received an early birthday present last week. :)

It just so happens that my beloved husband is obsessed with the Denver Nuggets. This season I think he maybe missed two games, and he would probably say it's my fault. So I thought the perfect gift for his upcoming birthday would be two tickets to one of their games. Unfortunately the regular season ended last week so his birthday present came a little early. But I'm sure he will say it was worth it. My mom, Karen and I went all went in on the tickets so we could get some awesome seats...and that we did!
look how close we are!

The game was awesome! I've never sat that close at NBA game before and now feel like I can never sit anywhere but there haha! Maybe when Lights of the Rockies takes off we can get season tickets, right Blaine! ;)

Anyway...I think he had a good time, but don't worry there still more birthday fun to come!

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Karen said...

WOW! what good seats! I didnt realize they were so close! Happy Birthday Blaine! :-)