Friday, May 2, 2008

birthday boy!

Tomorrow is Blaine's 27th birthday!!!! Can you believe how old he is???? I can't! haha I decided to do his birthday post today because tomorrow I'm sure we will be super busy with a million unforgetable moments (ha) that I won't have time to post!

I couldn't ask for a better husband. I'm so greatful for Blaine and what he adds to my life. To show you how great he is I have listed 27 reasons why I love him!

i love blaine because...
27. He cheers me up when I’m sad
26. He makes me laugh (even when I’m grumpy and don’t want to laugh but somehow he always manages to get a smile out of me)
25. He is super clean. While sometimes this can get old…for the most part I appreciate his housewife skills ;) And I love that he puts up with my messiness!
24. He’s proud to be an American
23. He is a really hard worker
22. He’s willing to help anyone at any time
21. He takes care of me when I’m sick
20. I love his passion for things…like golf, sports, etc.
19. We have the same interests, which makes it fun to be around him :)
18. He loves music
17. He’s the only one that can really keep me in line, and most of you know this is a hard task
16. While it hasn’t happened yet, I know he will be an awesome dad some day!
15. When life gets really stressful and I’m ready to have a melt down, he is always there to keep my grounded
14. I can be my silly, crazy self and he only looks at me weird half the time ;)
13. He emails me while I’m at work just to let me know he loves me and hopes I have a good day
12. He supports me in whatever I do
11. He gets along with my family and friends…and they all love him!
10. He is really smart
9. We can finish each others sentences
8. He likes my cooking, and when it’s especially good he lets me know how much he appreciates a home cooked meal
7. I love how we both get excited to watch “our” shows and look over at each other when something REALLY intense just happened
6. I love that he never gave up on me and how it’s been worth every hard time we went through!
5. His word is his bond
4. He had an awesome sense of humor
3. He is my best friend
2. He is a worthy priesthood holder
1. Most of all I love that he loves me unconditionally!

What more could a girl ask for...
Happy Birthday Beez! I love you!


Juli Dewey said...

I just love this post choked me up a little at work... love you guys best couple ever!! :)

The Frandsens said...

Happy birthday Blaine! You guys are the greatest and Erica I am SO happy that you married Blaine!

Karen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAINE!! :-) I am so glad you guys are so happy! It is weird to see blaine so lovey...:-) you bring out the best in him!