Monday, May 5, 2008


Musuem, movie, cheesecake, family...our weekend was chuck full of fun things. The thing I do like about living in Denver is that it seems like there is always tons of things to do! For Blaine's actual birthDAY (remember we went to the Nuggets game for his present) we went down town to the nature and science musuem. I thought this would be fun because Blaine LOVES museums. Me on the other hand, well I just like to be with Blaine haha! I even let him read all of the plaques that told you about the exhibits

But after all his nerdiness I showed Blaine how to have a good time at the ol' museum...

Blaine couldn't handle all the fun I was having and just had to join in!

After many hours of fun at the museum we walked downtown and went to see a movie on 16th street. We saw 21, I don't really recommend it. I mean it was okay but probably not worth the money. Wait till it comes out on TV!

It was such a nice day and downtown was a lot of fun! We were thinking about going to a Rockies game but we figured we would wait till it got just a little nicer! Which was probably a good idea because I don't think I had it in me to sit at a baseball game all night.

Then on Sunday we went to Blaine's parent's house for some dinner and presents. It's always lots of fun getting together with Blaine's family! Overall we had a great weekend and I think Blaine had a fun birthday even though he might not remember it know what old age does to the memory!


Bryan + Juli said...

Oh I love this! Remember how much Montana loves bears and our old friend Tonka loved his buffalo hair?

erica said...

hahah yeah...that's mostly what I thought of when I saw that big old buff rolling around! haha

emilyhutchison said...

Oh you love a good photo shoot, and I love seeing your end results. Blaine appreciates a good museum and I respect that.