Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Disclaimer: This post is mostly just for me and is really creepy. Blaine, you will hate it. Good thing you are gone until Saturday, hopefully I will have another post up by then to distract you.

Nope. No baby here. But I want one, this is no secret. So it's probably no surprise that I'm obsessed with anything baby. I frequent baby stores or the baby department of stores and sometimes spend more time in them than the big girl depts. I secretly look at the big belly mama's waddling around imagining how cute their unborn baby will look in the teeny tiny clothes, and get jealous. It's pathetic, I know! If I see anyone I know I use the excuse that I'm looking for my baby niece and nephew...which isn't completely a lie, just a good alibi.

Today I was at the mall and I think I went in every baby store there was...even the really expensive ones. The sad thing is even if I were prego I couldn't afford the baby socks! Well I fell in love with this diaper bag. Unfortunately this sack was ridiculously over priced [I mean I expected it but was just hoping it would be 90% off]. Not that I was thinking about buying it...just wanted to see ;)

Good news is, by the time I get pregnant this bag will be out of style and I hopefully will have cheaper taste by then.


The Frandsens said...

I really like this bag...but I'm sure I couldn't afford it either!

Brooksy said...

It's so funny, but I do the exact same thing... don't tell Marques!