Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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So this makeup company called e.l.f. is selling almost everything for only $1! I heard the reason they are selling their stuff so cheap because they are re-packaging everything, so they need to get rid of the old line. And to top it off if you enter the coupon code "carolina" you can get an additional 50% off. What you say, 50 cents for a concealer brush? I couldn't believe it either! Now you still have to pay for shipping, which kind of sucks. But I bet once you have a few items it's still less than going somewhere like Ulta or department store! You would probably pay that much in gas to get to one of those stores (or more if you are like my friends in Logan).I don't think I can pass this up, I'm going to try a few of their things. Let me know if you do too!


The Frandsens said...

Yes! I LOVE E.L.F. I have actually been using them for some makeup stuff for like 6 months now!
I like there lip stuff, and there brushes are all super nice too.

Chana & Fred said...

Oh my gosh! I'm so there!
I heart make-up! I've never tried e.l.f so I'm a little nervous but if a babe like you uses it then it's got to be great!

The Frandsens said...

Hey if you want to read the first of the twilight series, Walmart has the first one for eight dollars,(well here anyways...) but I have the second and the third one that I could send you if you wanted!

Madsens said...

i just placed an order :) I will let you know how i like it when it arrives.

seriously, you can't beat $1 make-up!

The McLane Blog Page: said...

okay so i just spent $60 with ELF!!! haha!!! I love a good deal! Can't wait for it to get here! Thanks for the info!!!!