Monday, June 16, 2008

father's day

Oh father's day. Not my most favorite of holidays (which is rare seeing as how I love almost most any reason to celebrate). I did call my dad though. I think Dana and I are becoming friend's well maybe that's a stretch...we are at least talking more. It seems like I don't get as nervous to talk to him and the convo is a little more natural than in years past. I feel like I still make most of the effort and most of the time it feels like he's not really my dad but something inside me says I need to reach out and love him despite the past. So I'm trying.

On a lighter note we went over to The Turnbow's to celebrate with Wayne Turnbow & Co. Dinner was had, presents were opened and dessert was eaten! It was fun. All of the "kids" pitched in and got Wayne a combination of his two fave things...biking and his grand kids. Yup, that's right a bike trailer to take the little babes for a stroll. He plans on modifying it so they don't have to wait till they are a year old to ride in it. :) [Joy you will have to bring Jocie (yeah that's what I call her now) out soon so grandpa can give her a little ride!]
I made him this cute card (toot toot...that's me tooting my own horn. I can do that with crafts because it's like the only thing I'm good at). I decided I'm going to start posting my cards because I always go back to recreate them for someone else and can't remember what I've made. I can't take full credit for this one though, while most of my ideas are usually original I did get this one from a magazine...sorry Wayne Turnbow!
I also made Marta's Chocolate Cake. Which was pretty darn good, but tasted even better the second night! And for being from scratch was surprisingly easy.


The Frandsens said...

I LOVE your cards! And I really like that one. How long does it take you to make one of those?

erica said...

Aww thanks Joy! This one was pretty easy actually, maybe 20 min. Others can take up to an hour if I'm out of inspiration.