Sunday, July 6, 2008

awful waffle 2008

I knew Blaine was the man I would marry when he told me about a tradition his family held on my favorite holiday...The Awful Waffle. The Turnbow's prepare for weeks, spend tons of money, have many sleepless nights, all in the name of waffles.

Every year on America's birthday they celebrate in style. They transform their back yard to a red, white and blue-waffle eating festival! They buy pounds and pounds of bacon and sausage, they make gallon after gallon of waffle batter and they have an endless supply of syrup to go with it.

I didn't fully understand the scale or intensity of The Awful Waffle, it's something you have to experience in person. But just like a little girl on Christmas Eve, on July 3rd I anticipated what the next day held in store. That morning 5am didn't come too early for me. I jumped out of bed and couldn't wait to get to the event! As I dressed in red, white and blue I could hardly stand the anticipation. As we pulled up to the Turnbow house I squealed with excitement as I saw a marquee above the basketball hoop that scrolled AWFUL WAFFLE 2008. Ooooo I loved it already. As they set up the normal back yard to a place where 200 + people would eat breakfast, the magic of that day started to unveil itself. I had never been to such a fourth of July event!

People started coming right at 8am to line up for the famous Turnbow waffles (made from scratch mind you), and the line didn't stop for two hours. People kept laughing, "This should be called the Great Waffle not the Awful Waffle," which got old quick. And as Wayne Turnbow would simply explain, "Well that doesn't rhyme!"

Overall it was a great day and the Awful Waffle lived up to all it's hype. I can't wait till next year!


Dutson House Happenings said...

The "Awful Waffle" sounds amazing! I love breakfast food, maybe I should venture to Colorado one year on the fourth of July!

The Frandsens said...

Oh man...this post made me cry and everything! I wish I could have been there. It looks like it turned out great, and I think that it's awesome that my dad got one of those bouncy castle things! SO COOL!

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

we were so sad to miss it this year-my kids would have love the jump castle! tell all the turnbows i love them!

t and e said...

oh i bet you had the time of your life. i actually was out shopping with my mother-in-law and i saw the cutest watermelon plates and they were only a dollar and i came so close to getting them for you, but then i though to myself she probably already has them. but, if you don't and you want them, just let me know and i'll get them and send them to you.

Chana & Fred said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I was thinking that it would be a huge waffle eating contest or something! I wish I could go! Sounds yummy