Thursday, July 3, 2008

get excited!

...because I am! The fourth of July has been and will always be my favorite holiday of the year. I lalala love it!

"Remember when you were little and we went to the Murray fairgrounds with Rick, Tami and Brendon and we laid right under the fireworks. It was like they were going to fall right on us. You and I were having fun but Brandon was scared and crying. You always were a good lil girl....."-Shelley Jolley

Not only have I always loved the fourth, I've always been a good lil girl! haha Therefore you can imagine the excitement and anticipation today brings, the eve of independence day. I wish I was at home making a million awesome Fourth of July things (as seen below) and preparing for the big event. Oh well tomorrow is sure to bring great things.

The Awful Waffle [details of this event to come in a later post].
American Pride.
warm summer weather.

I was at Martha's website today and saw all of these cute recipes and craft ideas. So get inspired folks! Make something Be patriotic. Raise a flag.
And have a Happy Independence Day!
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