Wednesday, July 16, 2008

happy birthday to me

This is a little over due but I wanted to thank everyone for a great birthday weekend. My co-workers surprised me on Friday with cake and ice cream and gifts. The office joke all day was, "So what are you 19 now?!?" Maybe that's why they felt it was appropriate to get me a Pooh cake?!?! The sad thing is I wish I really was 19. I know I complain about my job sometimes but really it's super easy and I work with fun I shouldn't complain. Beez also surprised me on Friday and brought flowers to my work! I LOVE when people surprise me like that! He's the best! Then on Saturday Karen and I went to a scrapbooking class. Turns out I know nothing about scrapbooking and those who really do are crazy! I hope I am never a true scrapbooker. But it was fun to go with Karen and make a cute little scrapbook [I will post pics of that later]. Then when I came home Blaine surprised me by taking me to Boulder. I've been saying how I've wanted to go there for a while now, so it was nice surprise. But I feel like Boulder is a little over rated and it has way too many hippies! I'll stick to Denver where at least the liberals here shower.

Sunday I woke up to the door bell ringing. My sweet sister-in-law, Rachel, dropped off breakfast for me a long with a little gift. She is awesome. Then we celebrated with people who really know how to throw a party....The Turnbow's! We had a great dinner, Marilyn made me an awesome cake and I received some amazing presents! And they got me a freakin Kitchenaid! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! Oh my word I was so excited. My aunt said I'm officially a Mormon now! YES! My mom sent some nice gifts and gave me some money so I could get a Gocco printer [more to come on this as well] which I am VERY, VERY excited about.

Overall it was a nice birthday. I just hate the fact that I'm getting older. My mom mentioned how next year I would be 25!!! WHAT!! AHHHH! I can't hardly stand the thought of that. I hate people that won't tell their age or who always complain about getting old, but turns out it really does suck and it's something to complain about!


Madsens said...

Happy late b-day! You totally scored this year :) I thought the 25th b-day is when people go all out. I need the turnbow's as my in-laws for sure!!

Luke and Katie said...

Happy Birthday!! (Late) I found your blog through Kiera's...come check mine out!

Doug & Sarah said...

Hey, Erica! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!!!!!


t and e said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday. I have been asking Trent for a kitchenaid for three years. He says once we get our next house he'll get me one, but I think he's just pushing me off. Anyway-I hope you had a great day, it sounds like you did. Oh yeah, those plates were at Seagull book. I am pretty sure there is one in Denver by the temple, but if not and you want them let me know and I can get them for you before I leave Utah!