Friday, July 25, 2008

"thought" of the day

Watch your 'Thoughts,' they become words.
Watch your 'Words,' they become actions.
Watch your 'Actions,' they become habits.
Watch your 'Habits,' they become character.
Watch your 'Character,' for it becomes your Destiny.

This is so true! Sometimes I think if I'm just thinking a bad/mean thought I always justify it because I'm not saying it out loud and I'm certainly not doing it. But this little poem has a point. I think our thoughts do eventually turn into habits that eventually definy who we are.
I should probably work on having better thoughts (and actions for that matter)...especially when it comes to judging others!


Di said...

That is such a good quote! You are cute.

The Veticas said...

Erica I know you are mad at me in the myspace and blog world because I am bad at updating, but I just got internet at home so I promise to be better. It sounds like things are going well. We miss you in Logan. Come visit soon. YOu know you have like eight places to stay. We'll even feed you. Tell the Hubster hi! miss you