Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chinese Faker Alert

Okay folks...I'm starting to get a little T.O.'d here! I feel like story after story is coming out about how the Chinese are being dishonest through out these Olympics. Lets start off with how some of the fireworks were digitally placed in the open ceremonies. Being the firework lover that I am, I was amazed by the firework show Beijing put on. It was a unlike anything I've ever dreamed of. Well don't I feel dumb after talking for days about the amazing firework show, joke's on me, thanks China!

Another controversy also took place in the opening ceremonies--do you recall that cute little girl that sang in her cute little red dress? Surprise! That wasn't her singing, they had her lip-syncing to another child's voice. A child they said wasn't cute enough to be in the ceremony! BAH! Okay I can get wanting the right face for something like that...but is there no one in that HUGE-over populated country of theirs that can't sing and look cute at the same time! Now the ugly girl will forever be remembered as just that, the ugly girl.

Then there is the under aged gymnastics controversy. Do the Chinese really think they are fooling us with their baby gymnasts, some of who just lost their baby teeth??? I think Bela Karolyi said it best, "One of the biggest frustrations is, what arrogance. These people think we are stupid. We are in the business of gymnastics and we know what a kid of 14, or 15, or 16 looks like. You don’t have to be a gymnastics coach to know what they look like at 16." Seriously who do they think they are fooling? And of course their passports say 16, the Chinese gov. issued them and they will do anything for the gold. This may sound like I'm just bitter Betty because USA got the silver. That's not the case at all, USA totally fell under pressure (well mostly just one girl) and they got what they deserved. But that brings me to another point. I think they [those facilitating at the National Indoor Stadium] totally screwed with Alicia Sacramone (who fell off the balance beam). Gymnasts are used to seeing their name on the board and taking the mat right away. Well three different times she was told to take the mat and then wait. I think the Chinese purposely did this to psych her out. Now I'm not making excuses for the girl, she totally screwed up and let down her team and an entire nation and most importantly ME, but I'm not putting anything past that sneaky little Beijing!

On a lighter note, Blaine and I decided the best chance I have for Olympic gold is badminton. Anyone want to be my partner? 2012 London Olympics here I come!


Krista said...

hahaha you crack me up! i love reading your blogs...and i'm sorry about the lest we have them in men's swiming right? they dont have a chance!

The Veticas said...

I will be your partner Erica. We would kick some 8 year old Chinese ASSes! We have been so into the Olympics. Im glad you are too.

Saydi said...

Dear Erica,
Your love of all things Oylmpics amazes me. And I am proud to call you friend.