Thursday, August 14, 2008

karen the aggie

My little sister-in-law left on Monday to start her new adventure at Utah State! We are so happy for Karen and couldn't be prouder that she is now an Aggie--maybe by the end of the semester she will be a "true aggie"! haha We miss you already Karen and we know you will do awesome at USU!

To send Karen off I made her some school supplies.


Karen said...

haha true aggie!...didn't you already make me a true aggie?? :-) just kidding of course! I love all the school supplies that you sent me off with! I am so excited to use them! Love you and miss you guys too!

Chana said...

I am just obsessed with the stuff you make! Erica you're soo good!

I wish I was a crafty crafter like you!

erica said...

Thanks Chana...the thing is I just get ideas off of etsy, so really I'm not that crafty :(