Tuesday, August 26, 2008

plaid and stripes forever

In all the stores this last week I could definitely see the fall trend: a new twist on plaids and stripes. With longer cardigans, ruffles, and tailored jackets these plaids slash stripes are not the familiar plaid styles from 7th grade.

In the mall this last week everywhere I looked there was something stripy or plaid in my face. This was okay because I really love both. I try to stay away from stripes if possible (the unavoidable widening effect isn't very flattering) but if done right stripes are super cute. And you can't go wrong with a plaid jacket! So bring on the fall, I’m ready for some new plaids and stripes in my wardrobe.
1. Forever21 2.New York & Co. 3.Gap 4. Nordstrom 5.Nordstrom 6.Forever21

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kcjaques said...

I love that you blog about clothes. I'm with you I love stripes, but hate the unavoidable widening effect. Dang