Monday, August 11, 2008

top 5 reasons I love the olympics (already)...

I know, I know...all you thousands of Team Turnbow readers are gagging at another Olympic post so early into the games. Well my friends, I just can't help it. I. Am. Obsessed. I have watched nothing but the Olympics since Friday night. And here's a list of what I've loved so far {because I love lists and that's what I do, make lists}

No. 5 the finely crafted-in sync-most technologically advanced-organized opening ceremonies were amazing

No. 4 the Olympics really do bring people together. While I was at the dentist even the grumpy dental assistant chatted {with a smile on her face mind you} with me about the Olympics.

No. 3 the awesome/inspiring's like watching the super bowl for two weeks

No. 2 Blaine said he would be willing to support my dream of becoming an Olympic athlete :)

No. 1 Michael Phelps + Jason Lezak+ freestyle relay


Luke, Mary, and Tianna said...

I didn't see the opening ceremonies but I did catch that awesome showdown last night when we kicked France's butt in the relay! oh yeah!! Luke and I cheered so loud it was quite funny!

The Frandsens said...

Yes...Michael Phelps relay team winning was AWESOME!! Me and Jason were cheering so loud I was afraid we would wake up Jocelyn. Yes that's right Jason is loving watching the olympics....I have also been watching pretty much all I can since Friday night! I LOVE THEM!!!