Wednesday, August 6, 2008

wish list

Dear Santa,

I know it's only August but I thought I should give you a head start on my Christmas wish list because I'm sure this particular item will be sold out soon! If it's not too much to ask I would really like it if you could get me a swimsuit from Wholesome Wear. This swimsuit can "highlight my face and not my body" and would make me feel like a more righteous person at the pool! I know this is an expensive gift to ask for, but oh Santa...if this is my only gift all year I will be a happy girl!

PS-I've included some pictures just in case Wholesome Wear is sold out (I heard they are going to be harder to get than the Tickle Me Elmo in '96), I thought your elf's could recreate a suit for me that has sleeves and goes to my knees!


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Dennis &Tara Larson said...

honey we need to talk! Try, wholesome wear needs alittle help with their suits!

Karen said...

are you serious? ...i wont be tanning with you at the pool anymore...