Monday, September 22, 2008

goodbye utah, hello fall

We actually made it to Utah this time and our trip was amazing! This visit was full of unexpected emotions. I knew I would be happy to see my old friends and be in that old familiar town again, but I didn't realize how sad I was going to be at the same time. The whole trip Blaine and I realized how much we really missed having good friends in our daily life. My heart is still a little sad as we are back in Colorado today.

I love the comfortable feeling of old friends. People who know you better than anyone in the world and yet they still love you all the same! The ones who choose to be your family. Friends that you can do absolutely nothing with and have the time of your life. We sat in bed chatting about life like we were teenagers again-as if we were all roommates again-only this time the topic of our conversations seemed to be more on the mature side but not without the occasional joke [that only we would think was funny] to lighten the mood. I loved the reassuring feeling that we were growing together and not apart.

We also spent some quality time with our family that lives in Utah. We saw Karen in her new element, and she seems to be adjusting well. I miss her. We saw our grandparents and stayed with Joy and Jason. We had a lot of fun with them and I wished that we all lived a little closer to one another.

My mom always says I have such a sentimental heart. I suppose this can be a good and bad thing...but right now it feels like a bad thing. I feel so out of place in Denver and stronger than ever I feel like I don't belong here. I'm not sure if Utah is where we are supposed to be either, but it sure felt like it last week. I know in a few days I will be back to my mundane routine with a smile on my face, but right now all I want are my friends.

ps-happy first day of fall!


The Frandsens said...

Glad you guys had such a fun trip! It was fun to have you here as it always is. Thanks for staying with us - you can come ANY time!!

Bryan + Juli said...

:( Oh this post hurts my heart... Just wish we all still lived in the same town. Not a joke we really should plan on that for the future I just can imagine getting old (or as I like to phrase it less young) without my best friends. We sure miss you guys!

Bryan + Juli said...

Ooops I meant to say can't on my comment down there haha Apparently my emotions got the best of me and I couldn't spell! PS We can't stop watching Dexter we're already on the second season!

t and e said...

i totally know what you mean about utah. it just feels like home but we don't necessarily want to move back. kind of weird. i'm glad you had a good safe trip.