Thursday, September 11, 2008

will you remember

I was a senior in high school. Sitting in my first hour class when another teacher came and urged our teacher to turn the TV on to see what just happened in New York. To our amazement one of the Twin Towers had been hit by an airplane. As naive little 17 year olds we had no idea what this meant, but then again I don’t think the world had any idea what this meant at the time. As we went from class to class news continued to unfold, the other tower was hit…the building has collapsed…the pentagon has been hit…

Next we heard that the Sears Tower had been evacuated. It was at that moment that I really did have the feeling of this is the end of the world. I remember thinking that each major city was going to be hit and millions more would die. Fellow students worried about their parents that worked downtown and we were all sure that Chicago was next. Luckily it wasn’t…but I will never forget the way I felt on September 11, 2001.

I will also never forget the way I felt on the days that followed 9/11. My friends and I were glued to the TV and couldn’t believe that America had actually been attacked. The small streets of Batavia, IL were lined with luminaries and flags-every town in America was affected by what happened that day in New York. And as over used as the saying “United We Stand” became I did feel united with every other person in my country.

Surprisingly the aftermath was something positive. As you would walk in the stores, down the hallways of school everyone was just a little bit nicer, had a little more empathy for one another. It’s sad that it took something so catastrophically tragic to make people care about each other. Now everyone is back to “normal”. Not worried about their neighbors, cussing at people that cut them off while driving, ignoring beatings on the streets so that they don’t have to be burdened. It’s sad that we are just back to our normal lives of not caring for one another.

Blaine and I were watching a documentary on National Geographic on 9/11 and I still get the chills and a teary eyed seven years later when I think about that day.

I’m so grateful to the men and women who serve our country and fight for my freedom…I could never in a million years do their job! My prayers are with them! Sometimes I think people forget what we are fighting for and how we all felt that day when our nation was under attack.

“A nation that doesn’t honor its heroes is a nation that will fall.”-Abraham Lincoln


The Frandsens said...

I love you guys - thanks for this post.

Karen said...

You are awesome eggs. I was in 8th grade! It seems like so long ago, but yet, not. I am the same, every time i think about that day I get teary eyed, and just cant believe it happened