Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chris Cornell/Timbaland

On Friday a co-worker and I totally ditched work to go see some celebs (well half celebs). Chris Cornell and Timbaland were at a local Verizon signing autographs. My co-worker is really into Chris Cornell (I didn't even know who he was until she told me he was a singer for Audioslave and Sound Garden...whatev). But I knew who Timbaland was and I was getting out of the last two hours of work on a Friday. It was actually kind of cool...I won a t-shirt, got to go on the tour bus where they record music and I met some die hard Chris Cornell fans which were, of course, super interesting. The lame thing is that Timbaland didn't even end up showing because he was "stuck in traffic". Yeah right! So when I went through and got Chris Cornell's autograph I'm sure he wanted to say, "Eh, you don't have to meet me you know!"
I'm just layin down some hot beats on the tour bus

Tammie meeting Chris, and harassing him by telling him to take off his glasses because he has such pretty eyes! haha


Morgielouwho said...

ha, chris cornell has a way rad voice. I still remember the first time i heard it. then he had really long hair and was a member of soundgarden.

emilyhutchison said...

OMG Erica. You met Chris Cornell. I used to only listen to his solo album "Euporia Morning" day in and day out. I anxiously awaited "Carry On". The day it debuted I drove quickly to my local Best Buy and purchased it. And then my Chris Cornell dream world fell apart. "Carry On" was the worst thing to happen to me in 2006.