Monday, December 8, 2008

meh is official!

meh: 1. Expressing indifference or lack of enthusiasm.
2. Used to express a mild disagreement where the person does not have either the solid foundation to actually argue a point, or does not feel the argument is worth pursuing any further. Due, in most situations, to the argument being opinion based in subject matter.

I received a text from my mom last week that read, "Oh my heck did you know MEH is now in the dictionary. Too funny since you are one of the few I've ever heard say that." I know mom, I'm right there with you, next to Homer Simpson I practically made this word what it is today.

For those of your unfamilar with this word here are some examples,
Blaine: Where do you want to go for dinner?
Me: Meh, I don't care.

Mom: Do you like this shirt?
Me: Meh, it's okay.

Blaine: Eggs are you going to get up???
Me: Meh!!!!

Mostly I'm excited to use this word in professional settings, such as when my boss asks me if I can type a report for him, my response...meh! In my annual review when he points out I need to be more professional I will remind him that meh is in the dictionary!


Karen said...

LOVE IT. That is one of my very favorite words! and I love that your mom says "Oh my Heck".

Saydi said...

This is awesome and about time. I still use the WORD "meh" on a daily basis!