Tuesday, December 9, 2008

note to self: closing libraries ruins people's lives

You can call me a mean-hearted jerk but I could NOT stop laughing at this video. I know no one will think this video is funny but me, but I just had to post it!

Lessons I learned from this experience:
  • Libraries are good places to play football
  • They also make nice homes
  • Never under estimate the sensitivity of Philadelphian's and definitely don't question it (It's got you that upset? "Oh yeah, what are you kiddin??? It's like stupid")
  • The closing of a local library will cause your voice to go up 10 octaves


Marques said...

Hilarious. That was a versatile library.

blaine said...

Wow, best post of the year! I didn't know you could play football in the library?! Is this some big secret that other library football players don't want to get out because it will ruin their fun?! I'm going to have to check into this...

Ryan and Martha Cox said...

i heard this on the radio, and i could not stop laughing either!

The McLane Blog Page: said...

bahahahahaha...thank you for making my day!