Wednesday, December 3, 2008

o christmas tree o christmas tree

Here I am! I've neglected my blog in the name of turkey and resting but I'm back and full of Christmas cheer! Yea! I'm so excited this time of year has finally arrived. This past weekend we got our tree and half of our decorations up. Even though we have a tiny apartment it's still exhausting getting it ready for the season.

Blaine's family has a tradition of going to the mountains the day after Thanksgiving and cutting down their own tree. Since I love traditions I was very excited about this last year, but then I got up there and realized that, well, the trees have a lot of "character". The thing is I grew up with a mom that would drag me to 50 different Christmas tree lots in search for the perfect tree in fear of ending up with a Charlie Brown tree. So I'm not going to lie, I had a bad attitude last year when we didn't exactly find the perfect tree. But this year I realized it was a lot more about the memories and being with family and not so much about the tree. Turns out you have a lot more fun when you have a good attitude...weird! This year I actually like my tree though. And one of my best friends put it best, "I'm sure it looks like something Martha Stewart would have, you know how she's always real natural!" So that's the look I'm going for...natural ha! While it's opposite (bare spots and weak branches) of the trees I grew up with I love my little tree and my in laws for bearing with me as I grow out of my bratty-ness!

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Karen said...

it looks great eggs!! :-) love you!