Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I will woo the pants off of you!

Last year my work had all of the employees read a book called Strengths Finder (2.0) and then take a test to find our top strengths. This was to help us realize our strengths and how we can work with others to create the best working relationships. I found the book at the bottom of my desk today (looks like I really applied the book to my life) and had a good laugh all over again at my top strengths.

My top 5 strengths were/are:

1. Empathy

2. Woo

3. Positivity

4. Belief

4. Developer

I wasn't that surprised that empathy was my top "strength". I've always be in tune to peoples feelings and what is happening around me. But it was interesting to read further about empathy in the book and realize that this doesn't mean I always agree with or feel pity for every one's situation but I do understand it. I think that's very true.

But the strength I really had to laugh at was woo! What weird kind of strength is that??? I'm a wooer? As I read more about it I found that this was definitely a strength of mine, by the books definition. It says wooers enjoy the challenge of meeting new people and love strangers (yes I would say that apples to me). The books says wooers can use their strength to welcome people and make them feel comfortable, to easily charm and engage people, etc. So I guess it's a good strength, but still kinda funny. So I guess if I tell you I like your shirt, or your hair looks cute I'm just trying to win you over! Just kidding, I try and be genuine in my compliments.

What are your top five strengths? Take the quiz and find out! This isn't the actual Strengths Finder test, because you have to buy the book to take it...but it's pretty close. To log on to the quiz the username is strengths@finder.com and the password is strengths. The test is kinda long...but what else are you doing at work!