Monday, January 12, 2009

they need to change the name of the town

Nothing says class like a hot pink wedding dress and faded southwestern decor.

In Normal, Illinois this weekend a couple got married at Taco Bell. "Paul and Caragh Brooks said they needed a Plan B for the ceremony because the courthouse was booked. Taco Bell was a natural since the couple likes the food and has spent some quality time there."

Why didn't I think of this, I'm sure Blaine and I have spent some quality time at the TB. And just think, no stress of renting a venue, worrying about finding a good catering service (they made the guests buy their own food), or even center pieces.

"Um, what's that maid of honor your want a Nacho Bell Grande? Well did you bring your wallet??? "

What I don't get is the newspaper said she only spent $15 dollars on her dress and the total wedding cost was $200. What did they spend $185 on???

Only in Illinois...yes I do claim this place to be where I'm from. Scary!


The McLane Blog Page: said...

I think the rest of the money went towards his purple shirt and tie. Well done.

Karen said...

HAHAHAHA Thats awesome. Gotta love it!

ecrunner said...

Those photos would be ones I would want to flip through! It takes some extraordinary folks to get married at a Taco Bell. Definitely thinking "outside the box"?!

emilyhutchison said...

I read about this in the paper, but not get to see a pic until your blog and I got to admit they are actually two very normal looking people. I am seriously surprised by how not ugly they are. When I heard Taco Bell wedding I imagined overall and tooth gaps. This is why I will never stereotype again.