Monday, February 23, 2009

did you watch?

I'm always torn on watching the oscars. I'm in love with the red carpet and seeing what the girls are wearing but when it comes to the actual show it gets drawn out with awards like best animated technological director of a short film!!!!! zzzzzz And as Blaine put it..."you've only seen one of the movies nominated for an award!" I know, I know why do I watch? Why does anyone??? Who knows. But I do know this:

This girl won me over and I totally want to cut my hair like hers.
And apparently this movie is cooler than Benjamin Button? Doubt it!

Did you watch? Who was your best dressed and worst dressed? What was your fave moment?

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Bryan + Juli said...

OK so I have to catch up on my blog commenting... I watched the Oscars this year I usually don't but Bryan made me. Here are my thoughts: Milk won everything and I hated it, I loved when Jennifer presented with Jack Black right in front of Brangelina it was awesome, and lastly I like that girl's haircut and since you have awesome bangs you could pull it off.