Friday, February 13, 2009

some sweet tunes/treats for your valentine pleasure

Happy Valentine's Day (a day early)! If you work with me you get the cookies pictured above. If you read my blog I made you a mix tape. In high school and college I was obsessed with making mix cd's! Besides my inner circle of friends...everyone thought they were pretty lame! I didn't say I was good at it...I just said I loved to do it. And some of my favorite gifts have been mix "tapes" from my best friends. Maybe a good Valentine's gift for your lover? Yes!

So here you go, my eclectic love mix!


Morgielouwho said...

you make my heart real happy sometimes. Happy valentines, hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Saydi said...

I am listening to your love mix right now and wish you were my Valentine. I would treat you so good

Bryan + Juli said...

You know we love mix tapes! Remember your summer mix with Will Smith's "Miami" haha that was the best!