Tuesday, February 17, 2009

things i'm sooo over today...

  • A-rod...yuck!
  • Brett Farve retiring AGAIN!!! (maybe blaine makes me watch too much sports center???)
  • Obama signing the stimulus bill in Denver...whatev already!
  • eating my lunch at my desk at work. somehow people think they can still bother me on my lunch break. HELLO it's noon and i have a sandwich in my hand, leave me ALONE!!!
  • working in general. it's so nice outside today, I just want to go to an outdoor mall!
things i'm all about today...
  • my dinner cooking at home all by itself (gotta love the invention of the crockpot)
  • my husband, he's nice to me
  • sunny days in february...remember we moved from logan where the sun shines like 12 days in the winter?
  • my little flats i'm wearing today that I got at target for only five bucks! holla!
  • facebook connecting me with family members i would other wise have no idea how to contact. make fun if you wish but I love the fb.


Bryan + Juli said...

Be glad you live where it's warm and the sun shines...we got a ton of snow today causing me to do donuts in the middle of the road and almost spin off the road at 5:30am... I would have died and no one would have ever found me at that time in the morning!!!

Karen said...

Logan winter has not been that bad for me.. lol I know how you feel though!! I love you and I will see you in 17 days! WOOO

Jason and Joy said...

do you have any awesome crock pot recipes you can send my way! Way to go for flats! They are my favorite kind if shoes!

erica said...

hahah i know joy anytime i wear flats i think of you! you can totally pull them off better than i can though!