Thursday, March 19, 2009

best friends know best

"You're Mormon you don't have to do lent you sacrifice stuff all the time i.e. tank tops and three hours every Sunday! EAT THE CAKE!"-Bestie Juli

I think the girl is right! Us Mormons choose to give up stuff all the time...why am I doing Lent? Sayonara Lent! I do kinda feel like I'm letting Brooke down, and even Diana who sent some support! Sorry!

Through Lent I have learned some things (get ready I'm getting deep haha). I've learned that I don't need to eat candy or treats just because they are in front of me or because someone offers. I've learned that my will power is a lot stronger than I though...and maybe not as strong since I'm quiting (woops). Although I'm giving up Lent I'm really going to try harder to signifantly cut down on my sugar intake!!! That sounds good right?

Thanks for the words of wisdom Juli!


Saydi said...

Juli's so wise

Bryan + Juli said...

HAHAHA Love this post and that Smelly called me "wise"... but really you can't argue with her I am pretty wise for being so young... yes I still call myself young and might even bring back the "I'm 19" voice just for kicks.

Brooke said...

I loved this, and I dare say I shall make it.

You are totally right about two things:
1. As Mormons we have already given up so many worthwhile things (i.e. tank tops, swear words, and the ability to enjoy being single)
2. It really is a test of will power-- and I've found that I'm stronger than I thought.

I hope you enjoyed the cake :) It looked delish!