Monday, April 13, 2009

friends? yes please!

So we can't make friends in Colorado. No big deal our friends are coming to us!

This very week we have the Dewey's (best friends) coming to town...

In May Shell-woman and Mark (mom + bf) will pay us a visit...Along with a visit from Karen (Blaine's sis).

And June holds a surprise visit!!! I can't tell you who it is now because one of the friends doesn't know he's coming yet! This one was probably just as much a surprise to Blaine and I as it will be to our friend when we finds out he's coming to Denver!!! Stay tuned for that one!

Yea!! for people visiting us! I'm so excited for these next few months I can hardly stand it. So if you don't have anything to do this summer stop on by, the Turnbow's will show you a good time! (Yes, I just spoke in the third person. I guess I'm channeling Karl Malone...I've got Jazz fever if you couldn't tell!)


Bryan + Juli said...

Wahoo only a couple more days!!! And as for liking Minnesota more if you were there I would have to strongly agree! You would have seconded my irrational love of all things lame making Minnesota the time of my life. Can I ask for a do over on Minnesota minus the work plus the besties (that's right Smelly you'll have to come too!!!)

Jason and Joy said...

How FUN!!! Having people visit is the best! Hopefully I can come sometime too (before July!)

Sayward said...

Man to Minnestoa? Can we do all that but change the location maybe?? :)