Monday, May 11, 2009

hap-hap-happy birthday!

Poor Blaine doesn't get the blog love he deserves--his birthday was a week ago and I'm just getting around to blogging about it (but don't worry my present makes up for it).

I don't want to speak for Blaine, but since he doesn't blog I suppose I will have to...I think he had a pretty awesome birthday. I managed to take him to TWO playoff Nuggets' games! This was the first time I had been to a playoff game and it was easiliest the most fun I've had all year, with losing my voice and stranger high fives to boot! I think Blaine had a pretty good time too!

sidenote: Yes, I'm cheering for the Nuggs. Only because my beloved Jazz had a short lived playoff life and I've grown to love the Nuggets (how could I not when every single one of their games is watched at my house)!
I love you Blaine! I hope you had a great birthday! Because remember that time I risked my life to go to the shaddy side of town and meet a creepster off of craigslist just for some good Nuggets playoff tickets? :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Erika!!!! Be strong!!!! Don't go to the dark side and become a McNuggets fan!! Don't betray all that you know is good and true!! Repeat after me "Lets go Jazz! Lets go Jazz!" Nothing in your marriage vows says you have to cheer for your husband's team!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Sorry I spelled your name wrong!!!! It was the shock and horror of seeing you in a McNuggets shirt!! It sent me over the edge LOL

Just Julie said...

I was also going to lament the fact that you became a Nuggets fan, but Phaedra seems to have done a pretty good job of it :)

Jason and Joy said...

WHAT!!! Who says you can't cheer for both teams! Nuggets are awesome Eggs - you know it! It doesn't mean you still don't love the Jazz.

erica said...

Okay okay guys, sheesh! haha Here's the thing-I still do and will ALWAYS love the Jazz. But, since they are out of the playoffs the Nuggets are the only team worth cheering for. At the end of the day I'm a girl who loves basketball and the playoffs are enhanced when you have a team to root for. I would love to be cheering for my Jazz but unfortunately that's not an option at this stage of the playoffs.

And also remember how I was the only Jazz fan wearing a Jazz shirt at the NUGGETS game and everyone was booing me and saying mean nasty stuff to me? Yeah, still #1 fan!

Anonymous said...

I was TOTALLY KIDDING (even though Denver is Utah's biggest division rival!?!?!?!?) You can cheer for whatever team you want.......except L.A. If you start cheering for the Lakers you are dead to me!!!!!