Sunday, June 14, 2009

blaine's new friend "badger"

Last night we went to the Rockies game--thanks to Joy and Jason for giving Blaine the tickets for his bday!! We finally arrived at our seats (after a few wrong turns while resulting in a few flights of unnecessary stairs), whipped out the treats we snuck in and we were ready for the ball game. As it turns out so was the guy next to us who came to the game solo. He was loudly talking to himself in hopes that someone would talk back. Well as soon as he started throwing out facts about the game Blaine was all ears, he will talk sports with anyone! This resulted in eight innings of me just people watching, checking my phone to see if anyone texted me and the occasional high-five from Blaine (I'm assuming this was only because his new friend wasn't official BFF status yet...yes yet)!

At one point the dude finally takes a bathroom break, in which he reassures Blaine he'll be right back (whew! we were all worried) and Blaine informs me that this guy's name is BADGER! What the freak? I'm thinking it must be a joke and somewhat pray that this so called "Badger" has trouble finding his seats like we originally did. Don't worry he didn't and Blaine and Badge pick up right where they left off.

To top everything off at the end of the game "Badger" asks for Blaine's number so that they can maybe go to a game together!!!! I lost it...I seriously had to pretend I was looking for something in my purse because I couldn't stop laughing. So Blaine does the polite thing and gets his number confirming that his name is Badger, well it only gets better HIS NAME IS PATRICK!!!!!!!!!! Wow...I seriously couldn't handle the ridiculousness of the night anymore!

High fives were eventually given, numbers where exchanged and Blaine finally made a friend in Denver.

I guess I shouldn't laugh I'm still searching for my Denver BFF.

Blaine: 1
Eggs: 0

Don't let this picture fool you, this was the only time Blaine and I really interacted!


Bryan + Juli said...

AWESOME! haha this is exactly the kind of stories I read the Team Turnbow blog for! Love it!!

Just Julie said...

Go Badgers! (I say that as a Snow College alumni) Phaedra and I are thinking about coming out for a Rockies game. Perhaps we'll be just as lucky and meet our very own Denver BFFs!

blaine said...

Hey! Badger was a nice guy, and from what I could tell, was the only guy around me that could at least name the Rockies' starting rotation. It was refreshing to be able to talk to someone, anyone, about the Rockies for a change.

Bryan + Juli said...

oh poor little baby giggle-puss!!! Remember you still have the deweys to be BFF with!!!!!


Bryan + Juli said...

Umm I know the Deweys are dominating the comment section of this post however I have to address the comment you left on our blog about Blaine looking like a wheelie in the Denver pic... I never noticed and now I can't stop looking at that pic and laughing! I've literally been laughing by myself for 10 minutes! His face is just so happy in the pic I feel like it is a hoveround commercial! And cut the homely comments out it's just not true and I won't have lies on the Dewey blog.

Sayward said...

This is great! Mostly I love it, cause member the days at Icon when you would become BFF with anyone who chatted an extra 10 min on the phone with you? Namely.. that one man who sent you his picture which you then decided to post in your cubicle.

Karen said...

HAHA oh Blaine making new friends! That is awesome! See you guys so soon! :)