Wednesday, July 15, 2009

birthday girl

Don't let that picture fool you, I wasn't thrilled about turning 25. But despite being 25 I still managed to have fun on my birthday.

A couple days before my b-day our friends the Hansen's came to visit. That was a present all by itself. But while they were here we went to Water World (the largest water park in America-boo yeah!), the Rockies game and hung out down town.

Sadly I forgot my camera for Water World (or maybe missing out on seeing me in a swimsuit isn't that sad) but here are a few pics of the game and downtown. Don't they have the cutest kids?Then the Turnbow's threw me a great party, watermelon birthday cake and all!
I still couldn't believe I was 25.

Thanks to all of those who sent birthday wishes my way!
Here's to another year!


Karen said...

Looks like you had fun! Good I am so glad!!! :) Love you!!

Chana said...

Happy Birthday! I'm jealous of all your parents (dear inlaws...spoil me).

bell family said...

ahh 25 your a baby. Wait until you have to say your thirty. UGGG! Happy birthday! Corrine

t & e said...

Oh Happy Birthday!!! Yeah I cried when I turned 25, now I'm less than 2 months from turning 26, seriously what am I going to do. Anyway-I have great memories of Water World. Love that place and I love the wave pool. I have about died in there about 5 times, but still love it. I hope you had a great day!

Bryan + Juli said...

Good thing I'm still 19! haha Love you and glad you had a rockin' watermelon cake and lots of summer birthday fun!

The McLane Blog Page: said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was great!!!