Thursday, July 30, 2009

Colorado summer--what a jip!

This is what has been flashing on my TV all summer!

It's been in the 50's all week. It rains when I go to work, it rains when I leave. We make our poor youth at church play water games in 60 degree weather. I've already pulled out my pumpkin pie candle, and I'm about ready to get out my autumn decorations. I feel like I'm supposed to be begging Blaine to take me to the pumpkin patch instead of the pool! This is just ridiculous. I love fall (with all my heart that is) but I want my summer back! I want to be tan. I want to go on Sunday walks with my husband.
This sucks!


Karen said...

Aww sunday walks! :) I will switch you, I want rain...its so hot here! And I have not been able to go to the pool, because of stupid Human Anatomy!! UGH! Miss you like crazy!

bell family said...

right now that sounds great to me. It has been 107 degrees in oregon and we don't have air conditioning. today we are excitied because it should only get to 98 degree. Hold on maybe this weather is heading to your side of the rockies! :)Corrine

Bryan + Juli said...

You mean Sunday strolls right?... because Sunday walks infers that Blaine can... it always comes back to this doesn't it! Had to do it!!! Miss ya guys and wish you were moving with us!


Luke and Katie said...

you know i would have to agree that this summer has totally been bizarre. what sucks? cleveland is pretty stinkin' cloudy all year long, so that little inkling of summer (in a normal year) is SO needed...unfortunately we don't have it...hello zoloft!