Monday, August 3, 2009

oh hello August

Photo courtesy of flickr

So, Mother Nature must totally read my blog (I mean doesn't everyone???) because the first weekend in August was beautiful! I managed to make my way to the pool, the mall and even get a few mini walks in with Blaine!
I'm excited for August...not really sure why.

It could be because we find out if our baby will wear blue or pink on the 28th.

It could be because school is starting up. While I'm not a student, I love that feeling of the first week of school. Everyone getting new clothes, school supplies, the anticipation yet nervousness of the kids--you can feel the excitement in the air. I always miss USU around this time of year.

It could be because it means we are one month closer to my favorite season.

It could be because it's the perfect weather for reading a book at the park on my lunch break.

It could be because it's our anniversary this month.

It could just be because July was super busy and August seems promising for sleeping in on Saturdays and having lots of me days.

Hooray for August!


Marques said...

It could also be that Congress will be in recess. Hallelujah!

blaine said...

Probably not Marques, but it COULD be because the Rockies are leading the wild card while the Braves are 5 games back!

The Hill Fivesome said...

Congratulations on your new little bambino. The hills are super excited for you because we already know what great parents you will be with how you have been with our children. Yeah to August and warmer weather. Lets get together soon girlfriend. I miss talking with you.

Bryan + Juli said...

Awww August always makes me miss USU and the first week of classes!

Lu said...

august always seems to be a good month. it makes me miss you.