Thursday, September 24, 2009

comment of the day

Went to the dentist yesterday. Here's a convo that happened in the waiting room.

Front office manager: How have you been feeling? (she hasn't seen me since being pregnant)
Me: I'm feeling well now, I was pretty sick at the begning.
Man sitting next to me: What did you have done????
Me: uhhhh I got pregnant!
Man sitting next to me: mumble mumble mumble (points to mouth and laughs) (awkward silence after that)


Luke & Natalie said...

Yeah, super awkward. How weird is that?

Bryan + Juli said...

hahaha awesome!

The Veticas said...

hey erica...question for you...This year for Christmas I want to make all my gifts for family and I was wondering if you knew of a good crafty website or magazine or store that i could get some ideas from? you are a cute prego by the way.