Friday, September 4, 2009

dream closet

It's Friday, which equals no on comes to work which equals a day of surfing the world wide web for me.

Today I stumbled upon my dream closet. I love a good walk-in closet, but I really love the idea of that vanity in the actual closet. I wish I had somewhere darling to sit and put on my makeup in the morning instead of on the floor in front of a cheap full length mirror from Wal-mart (which is getting harder the bigger my belly gets by the way). Another plus about this closet is the fact that they actually took time to decorate it with that super cute wallpaper. I know that it's probably just a waist of money because who sees your closet right!? But it would make me happy to start my day off with this gem of a space!

Happy Friday!


The Hill Fivesome said...

I love this closet and I want one to.

Bryan + Juli said...

I always want a huge closet/dressing room area I feel like if I had one with bright lighting and all organized and cute it would a) help me see better getting ready and b) inspire me to put more creativity into my appearance thus making me look and feel better! I believe I just found an excellent argument to justify this to myself one day!