Thursday, September 17, 2009

iron on transfers

I've got iron on transfers on the brain! Blaine and I worked many hours last week making "jerseys" for his softball team. And ever since then I've been thinking about all the other cute things I want to make with a simple print and iron.

For my nephew's birthday last April I made him this dino shirt with his name on it.
Isn't he the cutest thing ever-love him!! Photo by his awesome mom.
It's the easiest thing I've ever done! I think I even found the t-rex picture in clip art on Word! Then simply wrote his name in a cute font, printed it on iron on transfer paper, cut it out and ironed it on! So easy!

I keep having the urge to make more baby shirts with our little one's name on them or maybe for anyone else who will let me make them a shirt (Jocelyn?!?)! This is so much better than trying to actually be crafty and get out the sewing machine and make those cute appliques you see everywhere!

Word to the wise though, buy these ones from HP not the Wal-Mart ones!


Sayward said...

This might be a good idea for our "patchs" for our sweatsuits. Think it will work?

Bryan + Juli said...

Awesome idea Smelly I was going to suggest just that!!