Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought today was going to be really cool (silly me) because it's 9.9.09. I woke up thinking how awesome it would be if today was my birthday or maybe even if our anniversary fell on such a cool day. Yeah, not so much. But after two chocolate cupcakes (with chocolate frosting) and lunch with the husband things are looking up.

Turns out I might just hate the number nine, but here's to 9.10.09!


t & e said...

cupcakes and lunch with the husband can always make the day better! I had a dream last night that we were together and you were super pregnant and I was a couple months behind you but my belly was just as big and we were determined to do our dance recital! So we drove the long drive to I'm not sure where. Bunked up with these strange guys and they started asking how far along we both were, once we discovered I wasn't as far along I pulled a 2 liter out from under my shirt and we figured out I wasn't pregnant at all. You were so mad at me. So in the future if that really happens, I;m SORRY! I just had to share that with you it was super crazy!

erica said...

That is the most random dream ever, and very entertaining!! Well just so you know I would be pissed if you tricked me into thinking you were prego unless that 2 liter was some strawberry soda and you shared it with me!! haha