Thursday, October 22, 2009

garden of the gods

While my fam was in town for the baby shower my Aunt Stacee was dying to drive down to Colorado Springs because that's where the US Cycling Team trains. And being the the avid cyclist she is she had to see what all the hoopla was about.

As we were heading south Stacee said, "I always thought it was kind of ostentatious for them to name something Garden of the Gods." But then as we turned the corner and the red rock formations started to peak out of the mountains she said, "Okay maybe they got the name right!"
It was a perfect fall day and the Garden of the Gods did not disappoint!


Bryan + Juli said...

Wow it really is beautiful! I always figured Bryan was just biased because he was born there (Colorado Springs not in the Garden of the Gods! haha) Let's make a future plan to hit that up on a Turnbow/Dewey vaca! The boys will love running all over and playing boy games like they did at The Red Rocks!

blaine said...

That little comment at the end earned you a big wet snowball right in the kisser next time I see you Juli!

Anonymous said...

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