Monday, November 2, 2009

ice ice baby

Since being pregnant I haven't had any real cravings...until now. And of all things I crave ice! The weird thing is that I hated ice before this. It always hurt my teeth and was more of a nuisance than anything to me.

This craving has not only turned me on to something I used to not care for, but it has turned me into a ice snob! The hard, big, not easy to chew ice my fridge was making was not good enough anymore. I would go to different gas stations and restaurants looking for the perfect ice...asking the drive through person if they had crushed ice. Then I remembered that Sonic had small crunchy-perfect ice! I would buy a large drink, dump the drink out and just chomp on the ice. Then I found out you can BUY A BAG OF SONIC ICE! I had no idea until one day I was having such a bad craving I felt the need to research where I could buy my own Sonic-like ice...who knew that I would be able to buy it at Sonic of all places! :)

Turns out craving non-food items is called PICA and it's actually not a good thing. The doc tested my blood and put me on an iron pill...blah, blah, whatev! Still love ice. I don't crave it as much as I used to now and for some reason this makes me sad. I've also tried to cut back a little because I think it might have been damaging my already crappy teeth.

This is going to be a tough winter though to resist the cold stuff. With the big snow storm last week every time I see snow I think about ice and start to crave it. I know I'm a freak (can you believe I just wrote a whole post about my love for ice? weird!)


t & e said...

You crack me up! That is hilarious, but I must agree Sonic has the BEST ice. Hope you are feeling good! Can't wait to see that baby.

Jason and Joy said...

Awesome! That is so funny! Still no cravings for pickles???? ha ha ha j/k

Bryan + Juli said...

Oh man I love that pic of your and your beloved ice! I just remember when you showed me your big old bag in the freezer and then offered me some all excited! haha oh I miss being around your funny little preg self! Side note remember how much we loved sonic happy hour slushies in the summer?! Ahhh I think I might need to go and get one to toast the old days sometime soon!

Luke and Mary said...

Wow this post was so close to home!!! I craved ice with both my babies but this time around instead of just sufficing my craving with cherry limeades from sonic I bought the whole bag! Haha.. I went through about 3 whole bags before I admitted I had a problem. Each day I would make myself hold off until 3 when I could sit down and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls and have my cup of ice!
And yes... when it snowed outside I about died because it totally intensified the cravings! Good luck! ;)
Then you'll have the baby and instantly that craving will go away too.

Brooke said...

This is so funny!