Wednesday, February 24, 2010

paper vs. digital

Okay, I need your help! I walked into the scrapbook store today all ready to buy Kash a scrapbook and stock up on supplies to start his book, then I saw a scrapbook that you can just print your digital pages out and slide them in. That got me thinking if I would like digital scrapbooking better. I've never actually digitally scrapbooked-I don't know what software you would need (although I do have Illustrator and I think this would do the trick) or how to do all the fancy tricks I see with digital scrapbooking but I'm sure I could figure it out. And it seems easier and a lot less messy and maybe even cheaper (I don't know, is that last one true?!).

So this is where I need your help. Do any of you do digital scrapbooks? Are they easy? Do they turn out as cute as paper scrapbooks? Where do you print the pages out at? Is there a website I can easily learn how to make cute layouts?

Needless to say I walked out the store empty handed and very confused! You're opinion would be greatly appreciated on this one!


blaine said...

Well, I've found the digital scrapbooks are more fun, and you have nothing to clean up! That being said, there's just something about cutting out that cute paper that digital scrap booking just can't replace. Maybe you should just do both!

Kellie said...

The digital stuff is a lot cheaper. You can find some cute packets for free. Go to and they have some really cute free packets. Plus now a days you can order books online that you upload your pages into. They turn out looking really professional too. Try, or I prefer the books to printing the pages and putting them in a book. The ones your order just look better. The only downside to digital is that it doesn't have the depth and texture that paper has.

Bryan + Juli said...

Take Blaine's advice I've seen his work with all of the tiny hearts and stars he's cut out and pasted to pictures he's a real artist! For real though I'd go digital I'm no scrap booking pro but just on a visual basis I like the way digital looks plus we all know how much you love computer time and you already have the software so you might as well try it with some of the free materials and if you don't like the outcome go old school!

Di said...

I think digital is best when you have small children because you never know how much time you are going to have before you need to go help them, so you don't have to get out anything or clean it up.

my favorite site is you can go to the gallery and get ideas from others and they have a new free kit about once a month.

Summertime designs has a lot of free stuff.

I think as far as boy scrapbooks Flergs has awesome boy kits. sign up for her newsletter to get free stuff and find her at

I use photoshop, but i think any program would work. I hope that helps you get started.