Wednesday, February 10, 2010

stroller: 4 me: 0

Just when I thought I had this whole motherhood thing down and I felt like I was ready to venture out into the real world just me and my son, my stupid stroller had to go and ruin it! We have one of those jogger strollers that's supposed to be super far it's super lame.

Reasons why:

1. We've had to buy 3 different bike pumps to try and pump the tires. Yes, I know this is 100% our fault and not the strollers but still annoying.

2. I tried for 10 minutes to collapse the stupid thing with no such luck (why do they have to have so many buttons that all have to be pushed at the same time. Don't they realize you probably have a crying baby in your arms??) Resulting in having to carry the car seat around a store.

3. Because #2 sucked so much I pulled the manual out and actually read how to collapse the stroller so it would fit into my trunk.

4. After having to take a break to feed Kash I was finally ready to shove this stupid stroller into the trunk and finally get out of the house after 3 weeks! Well...I tried every which way and the thing won't fit into our trunk (which is pretty big mind you). So I called Blaine practically in tears, crying how I was never going to be able to leave the house again...dramatic? Well maybe.

So three weeks into this motherhood thing and I can't even figure out how to use our super fancy, awesome, amazing/lame, totally stupid, way too big, waste of space stroller!

Instead of a fun filled day of shopping with my boy, I guess it's another day of this:
Which turns out to be perfectly fine because my days of hanging out with Kash, watching him sleep all day won't last much longer. And when I'm back at work with the stroller in my trunk (because I'm sure when Blaine gets home he'll find a way to make it fit) and baby at grandma's I'll wish I was at home watching him sleep!


Bryan + Juli said...

Awww he is just so handsome!:)

bell family said...

okay I am laughing because I have to tell you what I did. I have a fancy smancy stroller too. I tried to fold it and fold it and fold it. No working. I got out the manual and tried again no folding. Well I am sure the neighbors were laughing because when I realized what was wrong I was lauging at myself as well. (it took me quite a long time to figure out what was wrong though) The safety tether that I had wrapped around the handle because I didn't want to hold on to it was stopping me from folding my stroller. Yep I felt stupid and laughed at myself. This came after I was cussing and yelling at the stroller. Hey I also found out it fits better in the trunk if you take the front tire off (not sure if you tried that or not) Anyways your little one is cute enjoy every moment! Corrine

blaine said...

Got the stroller to fit in less than 2 minutes...

Feel free to shower me with your praise!

Hillfivesome said...

The same thing happened to Brendon when Paige was born. We headed out on our first adventure as a family and when he went to put the stroller in the back on our Honda Accord it wouldn't go in, so he threw the stroller down, said to hell with it and we went out and bought the van that same day.