Monday, March 29, 2010

2 months

(Kash actually turned 2 months on the 19th, I'm just a little behind.  I'm already slacking at documenting my baby's life!)

Hi Kash,

You are now two months old.  I will probably say this every month, but we can't believe it's been that long and at the same time we can't imagine our lives without you!  And good news...after two months we still love you and want to keep you!  Your dad and I probably say every day, "man Kash is awesome!"  It's true you are.  The best part about you is definitely your smile.  The books say that it's probably gas at this age, but as any mom would say I know you are smiling at me!  Your eyes light up when any one talks to you and it's pretty easy to get a big cheeser smile out of you.  You're even starting to add a little giggle to that smile.  The books are wrong!  As cute as your smile is your frown is equally adorable.  We probably aren't supposed to laugh when you are sad but you make the most perfect upside down smile it's impossible not to laugh!

You love laying on your jungle gym mat and looking up at the hanging animals.  You love when people talk to you and are starting to send goo's and gaa's back at us.  And contrary to what your dad thinks you love my impressions.  Everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Sean Connery.  But your favorite is my Yogi Bear, "Hey Boo-Boo where's the pic-i-nic basket at?"  Which has earned you your newest nickname of my little Boo-Boo Bear.  I'm sure if you could talk you would tell me how much you love this nickname!

You are starting to sleep 8-9 hours at just start your nights a little early, we're workin on it.  You've even put yourself to sleep in your crib a few times.  Although I enjoy the times you put yourself to sleep, I know the nights of rocking you to sleep won't last forever and I'm trying to cherish those moments as well.

Well boy, you've survived another month with us as your parents. I think we might even be getting the hang of this whole parenting thing. I made it church on time this week...that's somethin right?! We love you so much, and we might be biased, but we think you are the best boy in the whole wide world!

Mom (and dad)

2 month stats:
17.2 pounds
25 inches long
97th percentile for both weight and height (I know shocker right!)


Karen said...

my goodness he is cute! I love him and I love you guys! He is lucky to have you!!

blaine said...

I'm pretty sure if Kash could talk he would say he does NOT like being called Boo Boo Bear.

Sayward said...

Can't get enough of him!

Bryan + Juli said...

Finally you found someone to appreciate your impressions... at least until he can talk to tell you otherwise! haha Oh I just can't get over how precious he is!